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The film La Belle Ville is a project carried out by the association Dao Production. Created in April 2020 by François Marques and Manon Turina, this association aims to raise awareness and inspire all actors of the ecological transition through the production and distribution of videos and self-produced films accessible to all.


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Florence Narozny

+33 (0)1 40 13 98 09

La Belle Ville: a thrilling documentary-travel film that aims to meet, on all continents, these people with revolutionary initiatives that reconnect our cities with nature through urban agriculture, the greening of cities and the recovery of bio-waste.

A film, but not only: Our objective is not only to inform, we wish to invite to the passage to action. To do this, we will organize film exchanges in French cinemas, we will create an educational file, we will communicate technical data sheets on each initiative we have encountered and finally, we will share all our discoveries on social networks to raise awareness among the digital generation.

Our goal: to raise awareness among the general public, to be a source of inspiration for all the actors of the ecological transition (city dwellers, private companies and communities), and to support the return of nature in the city through the sharing of concrete solutions.




Project launched in October 2020
6 months of shooting (April 2021 - August 2022)
Post-production of the film (November 2021 - November 2022)
Release of the film in 2023 in theaters!

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Press kit, visuals, film poster.... Find all the material you need here.

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